Aynho Parish Council Meetings

The following are Aynho Parish Council meeting dates with downloads of Agendas, Minutes and Financial Statements. Occasionally extraordinary meetings are added, which will be added to the calendar below as they happen through the year.

Month: 2022 Meeting Date Meeting Documents
Dec-22 5-Dec Monthly Meeting
Nov-22 7-Nov Monthly Meeting
Oct-22 3-Oct Monthly Meeting
Sep-22 5-Sept Monthly Meeting
Aug-22 1-Aug Extra-Meeting
July-22 4-July Monthly Meeting
June-22 6-June Monthly Meeting
May-22 23-May Annual Village Meeting
May-22 9-May APCM
May-22 9-May Monthly
Apr-22 4-Apr Monthly meeting
Mar-2022 7-Mar Monthly
Feb-2022 7-Feb Monthly