Aynho Residents’ Parking

As with many beautiful and historic villages the number of car parking spaces in the older parts of Aynho can occasionally be stretched and may sometimes require residents to park slightly further away from their own front-door than at other times.

St Michael's Car Parking (Aynho)

St Michael’s Car Parking (Aynho)

However, the great news is that residents and their visitors can make occasional use of St. Michael’s car parking, which is at the heart of the village and, possibly, no more than a minute or two walk from most households in the old village.

The kind offer of use for the church’s car park comes with a couple of simple and obvious ‘rules’ for use, being:

  • Car park is open for use from 5.00pm to 10.00am daily. All cars need to be removed outside of the permitted times.
  • The facility is for cars only – no other vehicles allowed.
  • Occasionally these times might vary reflecting church events (e.g. weddings, funerals, etc.) which will be posted on the notice board at the car park, the village web site and/or Twitter.
  • Everyone is requested to be considerate when entering, leaving and parked in the car park – people live immediately adjacent.
  • All users of the car park accept their vehicle and its contents are left at the owners risk. The church will not accept any responsibility for damage, accident or loss. If you damage the car park it is your responsibility.
  • It is important to remember, use and the conditions of use of the car park is entirely at the discretion of St Michael’s church and can be removed or amended at any time and for any reason.

For residents, there’s a few simple things we’d encourage everyone to practice when parking outside their house on the ‘highway’:

  • Wherever possible park considerately making best use of space and so allowing the maximum number of cars to be parked.
  • Please park across your own garage or drive-way if you park on the highway.If you’re a multi-car household with three or more cars, please consider parking only two cars on the highway and the others in the church’s car park.
  • If you’ve visitors staying overnight, consider asking them to park in the church’s car park.

Aynho Residents’ Parking Badges: Get Involved

For Aynho residents the Parish Council has introduced a voluntary residents’ parking badge, the objective being to identify resident parking from visitors. And, where residents are happy to give contact details to the Parish Council, provide emergency contact in the event of access issues for emergency services.

To receive your Aynho Residents’ Parking badge email us with your contact details, how many cars in the household and their makes, models and number plates and we’ll get the badges to you.

To get started, email us now!

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  • St Michael’s Parking Notices

    Currently there are no events that will affect car parking between 5.00pm to 10.00am.
    Check back for updates.

  • Aynho Residents’ Parking Badge

    Register for your residents’ parking badge.

    The scheme is voluntary and will help us monitor resident and separately visitor parking and to provide emergency contact in the event of access issues for emergency services.

    To get your own residents' parking badge(s) email the Clerk with details of your cars, registration numbers, makes/models and where they're usually parked. Once we have these details we'll post it you. Alternatively, call into the reception at The Cartwright weekdays between 09.00 and 12.00am to register and collect your badge.

    Residents' Parking Badges are available to all Aynho households and their cars.

    Badges aren't available for visitors and as a voluntary scheme don't imply or create a right to park.

    All residents must abide by the parking rules and regulations as specified by The Highway Code. Click here for link.