APC Meetings

Aynho Parish Council meet every month to discuss issues affecting the village, making decisions regarding amenities, planning applications and other aspects of village life. You are welcome to attend all or part of any council meeting.

These are held in the village hall at 7.30 PM on the first Monday of the month except in January and August. The Agenda is published on the noticeboards and here on our web site several days before the meeting.

APC meet in the village hall at 7.30 PM on the first Monday of the month

You may want to listen to what is said on a particular subject or put your own views. The chairman can suspend standing orders and invite you to join in the discussion, but obviously only councillors can vote on any proposals arising. At other times you can contact the council through the clerk.

If you wish the council to discuss a particular issue it is best if at all possible to put the matter in writing or by email . The council is then obliged to discuss it. Many people raise issues informally with councillors known to them and problems can be resolved through informal advice, but the full council is not obliged to discuss issues raised in this way.

To stay informed about the issues we discuss, what decisions are made and how budgets are spent, take a look at the minutes and financial statements available on the links, below.

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