Parish Councillors and Officers

There are nine Councillors on Aynho Parish Council looking after the interests of Aynho, its residents and the village.


The next council elections will be held in May 2021 when all Councillors will need to be elected or, if not enough applicants come forward to trigger an election, those people applying will become Councillors by default. If you’re interested in becoming a Councillor regularly check on this web site where details will be published in early 2021.

Councillors’ area of responsibility map:

Name Role Contact (Email)   Areas of Responsibility  
Leslie Leighton Chair   The Glebe, Station Road, Millers Lane & Aynho Wharf  
Chris Wilson Clerk to the Parish Council & 07887 548 774   Clerk  
Stephen Brook Responsible Financial Officer   Responsible Financial Officer  
Liz Hadley Councillor   Charlton Road, The Butts, Raincliffe Close  
Jeremy James Councillor   Croughton Road (from The Glebe) upto including second crossing, Cartwright Gardens, The Bothy & Farms  
Jonathan Clinch Councillor   The Hill, Holloway, Blacksmiths Hill, Skittle Alley & Square (part)  
Les Horley Councillor   Portway, Portway Gardens, Black Path and Green Lane.  
Rachel Moroney Councillor   Bowmans Lea, School End, Butts Close (part)  
David Icke Councillor   Croughton Road (upto The Glebe), Village Green, The Square (part) & Aynho Court, sports field  
David Dean Councillor   Roundtown, Little Lane, Banbury Rd, College Farm/Aynhoe Pk  
Dawn Willis Councillor   College Fields, College Farm, Charlton Road, Butts Close (part)