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Why not get involved with the Aynho Village web site by contributing an article – or several – about village issues that really interest, excite or exasperate you!? You can do this right now by filling in the form below which we’ll publish quickly (allow us 48 hours) or, if you’d like to contribute more regularly we’ll create a user account for you.

Of course there has to be a few ground rules you need to agree to regarding respect, decency and accuracy which we can discuss before your first article. You might find the notes in the right hand column useful.

If you’re ready or would like chat through what’s possible, email us now!

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  • Get Posted! Read This

    We welcome articles written by Aynho residents about anything that interests them that’s relevant to Aynho, its residents or issues affecting the village.

    This facility isn’t meant for individuals to promote products, services or businesses they’re associated with or political campaigning.

    All articles submitted must conform to our Terms and Conditions, which can be read by following this link (click here).

    By submitting your article to featured on the Aynho Village web site you confirm that you’ve ready and agree with our Conditions for publishing.

  • Get Started!

    Perhaps the easiest way of filling out the 'Get Posted' form is to have already written your article in a word processor type application, so you can take your time and Save as you go along, using ‘cut and paste’ to add the key details when you’re ready.

    Most of the required information is obvious - we need to know your name, email and telephone in case we need to contact you. We need your address to confirm you live in Aynho, and details of your article.

    Article headlines are best when quite short and ‘snappy’ - creating interest and intimating the subject of your article.

    Try to keep your article content/text to 400 words or less - that’s about one-side of A4; long enough to develop your theme and short enough to keep the readers' attention.

    Wherever possible we would like a picture to go with your article - something that’s relevant and interesting. The image needs to be landscape and ideally 620 x 350 pixels in size. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with this size - we can reformat although you’ll have to accept any changes we make to create the right size. Importantly, you must be permitted to use any image(s) provided and not infringe any third party copyright or IPR. Finally, images must be less than 1mb in size.

    All articles provided will be ‘categorised’ within the web site as ‘Living in Aynho’ which make searching quick and simple. You can also add TAGS (keywords) which allows readers to find articles by specific and relevant words reflecting the article's content and focus. If using multiple Tags/keywords don’t forget to separate each (Tags/keyword) by using a comma.

    Each article will be attributed to its author by name. Ideally we’d like to include a small profile (no more than 20-words) and picture, both of which can be added using the form. If you’d prefer not to be profiled just leave these sections blank.

    To submit your article please read through our Terms and Conditions and confirm your acceptance by clicking the 'Accept' button.

    Once you’ve submitted your article, pictures and profile it’ll take us 24-36 hours to publish. Slightly longer if we need to contact you before posting.

    And if you’d like to become a regular contributor we’ll make things easier by giving you access to create your own posts rather than using this form.

    If you have any questions, click here to email us.

    We look forward to reading your next article on the web site!