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Published on July 17th, 2018 | by Keith McClellan


Down the Tube (or the multi-coloured London Underground)

If you’re going to London town and you’re travelling around,
Take the Tube ‘cos it’s the quickest way I’ve found.
You can go from A to B, or even Y to Z (American!)
By the multi-coloured London Underground.

The Northern Line is black but if you don’t mind the dark
Of the longest tunnel on the Underground,
You can go to Hampstead Heath, Golders Green or Mill Hill East,
But you may need to change at Camden Town.

The Central line is red so if east or west you head
This is the line on which you should embark.
You can go to Epping for fresh air or St Paul’s to say a prayer,
Or stop at Marble Arch to see the Park.

The Piccadilly Line is blue, it’s a most delightful hue;
If you’re going to Heathrow this line you choose.
If the Tube train map you view you’ll see this line is like a ‘U’;
Take care; make sure that you don’t get confused!

The Jubilee is grey; this line is for the day
When you’re going to a concert at ‘O2’.
The District Line is green and will take you to be seen
At Wimbledon each summer; Richmond too.

If you go down Lambeth way to the area they say
Remembers still a famous Spanish Queen,
Then you seek a line that’s brown which will take you through the town
To the Street where famous waxworks can be seen.

The Victoria Line is new and a different paler blue.
You’ll find this is the colour best by far
If you’re travelling away on a well-earned holiday
By train from Euston or by Eurostar.

But if yellow you should take as your journeying you make,
Remember this advice – take extra care!
For if you fall asleep and enjoy a slumber deep
You may find you haven’t travelled anywhere!
Because then you will have found that you’ve just gone round and round
On the multi-coloured London Underground!

by John Hermon

About the Author

Keith loads contributions from the Writers Group and writes the blog with photo for the long Health Walks.

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