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Published on June 7th, 2019 | by Keith McClellan


1st June 2019

I know it’s just a part of me – but it affects me as a whole!

It’s trodden roughshod on emotions and in my inner soul…

I’ve been forced into a lifestyle that’s so alien to me

Where, day-by-day I’ve withered;  almost losing ‘me’!

I’ve not done any writing (total lack of inspiration!)

A soul-destroying ‘sentence’ that killed imagination…

SO – comparing my brief interlude with  world catastrophies

(like Climate Change; ‘G5’,  and the danger to our bees)

It helps to gain perspective, enabling me to see

When Mother Earth is damaged (on land or in the sea)

That harm is wrought upon her whole

And – just like me – it harms her Soul!…


About the Author

Keith loads contributions from the Writers Group and writes the blog with photo for the long Health Walks.

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