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Published on February 19th, 2015 | by Keith McClellan


The Stanbridge House Anthem & A House I Knew by Edna Sparkes

The ‘Stanbridge House’ Anthem

 Your sideboard, and that old scuffed chair –

That’s all you’ll need

When you move in there….

“Four-square” walls and “three square” meals

For the sedentary life you’ll lead!


‘Cos – by the time you move in there

(a fact that is well-known)..

Your lifetime’s work is over

And the family has flown..


(No one left to teach now

All the skills we hone;

No-one left to talk to

Now you’re on your own..


No: recalling happy memories

Or doing things together –

No more sweeping snow off pathways, or

Planting bulbs in sunny weather


No more painting awkward ceilings, or

Having carpets laid..

Household jobs all taken care

(we’ve surely got it made”…)


No more cooking Christmas dinners

For the family to share

Or crawling in the attic

For the decorations there


No more mowing lawns in summer

(someone else will do that now!)

We’ll have time to “smell the roses.”

Which we’ve never had – somehow.


“Work” is someone else’s problem

We’ve got time to live at last

And I’ll have time to write my book!

“The future’s brighter than the past.

Edna Sparkes


A House I Knew

 I knew its nooks and crannies

And the doors that wouldn’t close

I knew the cold linoleum floors

And how the windows froze…


The ‘skating path’ in winter,

And stiff clothes off the line.

Jack Frost fans on windows

The yard trees smell of pine


The oak well polished table

With lilac in the vase

Carbolic in the kitchen

That had been scrubbed for hours…


I knew its summer glory

With delphiniums in bloom –

The scent of mother’s roses

That filled the sitting room…


The neat lawns in the garden

The stately rows of veg – and

Hollyhocks and sunflowers

Around the garden’s edge…


Gladioli; roses – resplendent through July

And mother’s snow-white washing

Against a sapphire sky:

All this I’ll remember until the day I die.

Edna Sparkes

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