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Published on June 2nd, 2010 | by Jillian Wightman


Writers’ Group: Unforgettable by Pam Parrish


Spring, following winter’s biting cold,
Appeared at first reluctant to take hold.
By stealth this year it came
A lovely day,
Then bitter cold
And icy winds still kept shy spring at bay.

Daffodils they waited so long
For their chance to flower
Only to be cut down within the hour
By returning ice and snow;
Merciless and out of time.

Then, at last, came this long-awaited spring
With all its glory
Day by day,
Branches dripping flowers of May
Where they so recently were weighted down
With snow.

Birds, enraptured by the sudden welcome warmth
Sing as if they’ve known from birth
The cadences and harmonies for our delight
And sing into the scented night.

We forgive the snow, the ice and frost.
The spring we felt was lost
Appeared as if by magic overnight
To once more delight our hearts with
Sound and fragrance once again.

Pam Parrish


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