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Published on December 13th, 2015 | by Keith McClellan


December by June Smith

The above photograph is  ‘Winter Garden in Aynho’ by Jim Muller, a member of the Photographic Society and resident of Aynho.


December – the ebbing of the year begins to gather momentum

The leafless trees mourn the passing of another summer

Days are so short and the sunlight precious

The nightly frosts gather all in their relentless iron grip

Where has another year gone- all those balmy days of Spring and


December – another year of bright promise fading into oblivion

So many of the New Year intentions remaining unfulfilled

The flotsam of life has sapped our energies and laid waste our dreams

The world remains unchanged by all our lost opportunities

Where has another year gone- all the promised peace and goodwill?


December – the miracle of forgiveness renews itself once more

A love so great which redeems all our past empty years

There is hope again for us in the angelic message

Could it be that this time our eyes will open and the veil will lift?

Where will another year go- all those opportunities to serve our fellow men?


December – the end of the old year brings new beginnings

Turn the page and a clean sheet appears

So let us continue the search for all that is honourable and true

Peace and harmony, joy and love in abundance for all men

The prospect of eternal summer is before us – seize the day!


June Smith

About the Author

Keith loads contributions from the Writers Group and writes the blog with photo for the long Health Walks.

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