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Published on March 13th, 2019 | by Keith McClellan


Writers’ Group: A POEM…. “Realisation of an encountered reality.” by Edna Sparkes


can be of almost ‘magical’ thoughts; can convey a message (love; hate; political.)
Poems can be almost any length and any rhythm.  The rhythm must match the subject matter (i.e. – you wouldn’t write a love poem in staccato rhythm!
A poem is still a poem whether or not it rhymes!   It is the personal choice of the author whether it does or not, but the poetry is in the choice of the words used.   They should be carefully chosen by the author.   Try not to use any word which is unnecessary.   Never rhyme ‘for the sake of it’!  If you have a message use the strongest words in the English language to convey it! If you write a love poem use the gentlest most sensitive combination of words available.  There is always only ONE word to suit a given situation – so search until you find it.
Writing poetry enables you to explore your mind and open it up.  It provides mental stimulation and gives confidence when others read your work – perhaps if in a Group it may be internally published.
If you have a suitable subject you can compile several poems and make them into a book!

By Edna Sparkes

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Keith loads contributions from the Writers Group and writes the blog with photo for the long Health Walks.

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