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Wasps 2018

WASPS 2018

“Pest controllers usually remove 2 – 3 nests a day but this year they have been called to deal with 10 to 15 a day,” said Natalie Bungay, technical officer at the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).
Are there more than usual?  The NHM (Natural History Museum) are not sure. They say there are no systematic counts or surveys tracking wasp populations, so experts don’t really know what an average wasp year looks like.  What they do know is that a warm, dry spring helps the queens make their nests and rear their workers more successfully.  Although conditions have been good for them this year they think their numbers may still be within the usual range and this is all part of the usual yearly cycle.
Will there be more wasps next year?  The number of overwintering queens could mean more wasps next year but according to Chris Raper, NHM’s Manager of the UK Species Inventory suggests that too many queens overwintering and then competing for nest sites next year could lead to the survivors being in poorer condition and producing fewer offspring.

Do You Have a Wasps Nest? Advice from BPCA
•   If they are not causing a nuisance leave them alone – they only feed on plant-eating insects
and help pollination.
•   Wasps abandon their nests after the summer and will not return to them next year.
•   Wasps usually only attack if they feel threatened.  If you are stung move away from that area as
they emit a pheromone that calls for back-up!
•   Do not try to tackle a wasps nest yourself contact a professional pest controller (South Northants
Council for a fee will deal with wasps’ nests.
Email: or
Phone: 01327 322326.


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