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Pastoral Letter July 2019

Rev Sue Cooper writes ………

Dear All,  throughout June and July, we hold many of our Church Fetes;  these are one of our
traditions in Churches and are still great fun today, and they take us back in memory to Church Fetes of the past, remembering with fondness good times shared with family and friends.  And as well as all the great fun, our Church Fetes serve to raise important funds which enable us to keep the Churches going.  So a big thank you to everyone involved in helping at our Fetes and in keeping this tradition going.

Our Churches are beautiful historic buildings, and they are still very much alive, and centres of regular worship.  So ensuring we can keep them going is a constant labour of love for Church and community alike, but it is well worth the effort.  I have already met lots of wonderful folk throughout June at our Fetes, and look forward to July’s. And I would like to personally invite you all to come to Church on a Sunday morning.  Many folk just get out of the habit of going to Church because we all live such busy lives nowadays.  But regular Church going allows us to press the pause button on life for an hour on a Sunday, and allows us to gain some perspective as we come aside from all the usual stuff of life to engage with something (and someone) that is totally different from everything else we engage with in the week.  Christians gather in Churches on Sunday mornings to worship God in the Christian Tradition.  You do not need to be a Christian to join us, you don’t even have to be a believer, you will receive a warm greeting and be most welcome to join us.  You will find some headspace and time to think, and go out feeling better than when you came in.  In your past you may have had a bad experience of Church, and I offer my sincere apologies if that has happened to you.  But Church is a place for everyone, it is a place where everyone can come and go, and come back to again, and belong to for life.  I would love to see you in Church on a Sunday morning.

Are you a fan of the Motor Racing?

Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone will be descending on our area in July along with thousands of visitors who will enjoy an annual well deserved break, and weekend of leisure and enjoyment. It made me think how sometimes we feel like we are living life as though we are on a race track, competing with everyone else to stay ahead in life.   But just like in a race, what matters in life is not how you start but how you finish …. and winning at life will look different for all of us, but I think if we can take time to enjoy simple pleasures in life, such as the Church Fete, we will have many happy times shared with family and friends to reflect on, and that sounds like a trophy worth having.  Have a blessed July folks. 

With love Rev Sue


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