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Photographic Society: May & June Update

An update from the Photographic Society, as featured on their web site (

JUNE 2014: Towards the end of the month, member Martyn Pearse led an inter-active Workshop on ‘Table-top Photography.’ This involved setting-up a number of tables on which some everyday objects were placed, these being illuminated by only basic lighting arrangements – such as ordinary angle-poise lamps, etc. Members were then encouraged to experiment with reflectors, filters, various backgrounds and different camera settings, to produce creative images of their chosen subjects. The evening ended with most members being surprised at the quality of images achieved in such simple photographic conditions.

MAY 2014: This month, we saw the welcome return of Associate Member Yin Wong ARPS DPAGB. A member of the Amersham Photographic Club, Yin is a long standing friend of the Photographic Society, providing much needed help and advice, and has remained an active and enthusiastic supporter of the Society. He is invited to return periodically and give a presentation on one of the many aspects of his work and, for this occasion, chose to talk about ‘The evolution of my photography.’

Introducing his subject, Yin retraced the beginnings of his interest in photography to his early teenage years, when he managed to acquire his first film camera – a second-hand Kodak ‘Brownie’, of uncertain vintage. In parallel, he became fascinated with the process of developing black and white prints, and set up his own rudimentary processing ‘lab’ under the stairs of his home. From these small beginnings, Yin went on to purchase a simple 35mm Yashica SLR camera, and saw his photography evolve through colour negative slides to the colour positive prints. By this time he had invested in other cameras, including the sophisticated (for its time) Canon EOS film camera. However, the advent of digital cameras then revolutionised photography, and Yin was among the first to adopt and adapt to this new technology, including the software processing/manipulation of images and digital printing. At each stage of the presentation, Yin showed many examples of his work starting with some of his early black and white, and colour, prints, and concluding with his more recent digital photographs. He discussed his personal approach to photography, including panoramic, macro, studio and street photography, the latter being a particular favourite, emphasising the impact of any picture is what the viewer actually sees – not necessarily the same as that seen by the photographer. Yin then ended his presentation by showing some of the prints used to gain his UK accreditations, and also those for his subsequent international recognition. 

In conclusion, this was an extremely interesting and absorbing presentation, by an articulate, gifted and charming photographer, that was much appreciated by his audience.


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