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Photographic Society: August 2023 Report

A little something different this month from AD&DPS – a guide to Street Photography as presented by Peter Crane at our Club night this month.

Being a Street Photographer:

Peter thought Street Photography is a bit like fishing: You’re out to catch a moment or chance event. You need to be alert and not switched off.

You need to have a little confidence and a great deal of patience.

By carrying his camera by his side in order to not bring attention to himself and by blending in, he can capture great shots by being at the right place, at the right time.

Peter demonstrated:

Relationship of colours together                 – People with each other,

Relationship of shapes                                – Buildings, graffiti, road signs, posters etc. having a connection with people in the image.

Juxtaposition of signage with subjects       – People with the many signs and text around us in our surroundings.

Similarities of people to their surroundings – People with the background.

Reflective surfaces to shoot images           – Use of windows, mirrors and puddles.

Atmospheric Silhouettes                             – Use of street lighting at night

What we learnt:

Be patient. Be observant and quick to respond.

That taking photographs of people in different settings, when they are going about their daily routines or adventures, needs to be done with respect and consideration. It is the observational glimpse of other’s lives, without ridicule, that is the strength of this artistic form.

Our slideshow of members images titled ‘On the edge’ closed the evening. There were a variety of interpretations from mountain edges, cliff edges, the edge of time and even ‘On a knife edge’.

We look forward to seeing you at The Adderbury Institute on September 30th or October 1st for our Annual Exhibition. We have some fantastic images to share. Please come along.

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