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Published on March 7th, 2010 | by Jillian Wightman


History Society: Traditional Aynho Families


22 families appear in every one of Dawn’s seven censuses. Most of the entries under every name relate to ordinary agricultural labourers, but some families have produced one or more branches with specialist jobs. These are shown with the approximate number of censuses in which they are featured.


Number of Entries Family Name Individual Occupations
48 Howes Shepherd, coal merchant, baker
43 Watts Blacksmith (3), shepherd, machine owner
40 Williams Iron stone worker
40 Wrighton Brick maker (5), railway worker (4), gardener
38 Borton Farmer, carrier (2), groom, baker
30 Turner Iron stone worker
28 Tuckey Gardener (2), farm bailiff, grocer, glazier
25 Bygraves Farmer  (5), roadman (3), butcher (3), beer retailer
25 Seccull Mason (7)
25 Smith Carpenter (3), lock keeper
24 Butler Gardener (5), groom
24 Tebby Postman (2), beadle, beer retailer
21 Dunn Shepherd (4), carrier (3), farmer
19 Walton Carpenter (4), carrier
18 Page Shepherd (3)
17 Watson Carpenter (4)
16 Baughan Carpenter (4), wheelwright (2)
16 Stayton Gardener, railway worker
12  Lambert Sawyer (3), carpenter
12 Peckover Shepherd (4), iron stone miner
11  Millard Park keeper (4), grazier
9 Ford Road worker (4), gardener

Garrett just misses out, with 18 mentions, but this name does not appear in the earliest census. Robbins appears 16 times, but not in the last one. Other names that feature quite often are Buckingham (Tax collectors, farmers), Dowty, Evans, Gregory and Mayo (Butchers).




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