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Published on February 2nd, 2014 | by Jillian Wightman


Aynho Long Walk: 30th January 2014

The forecast was so bad that we did not expect many long walkers today and this proved correct. Two brave ladies joined the three walk leaders on a very muddy walk. There was no further rain or sleet and the wind was light. We set off down Portway and continued down the fields towards Souldern. as we approached the grassy field where the sheep graze we saw a dog off the lead racing towards the sheep. They soon fled up the field in panic. By the time we had crossed the field ans passed through the kissing gate the Alsatian was waiting for us and greeted us in a friendly fashion. We tried to see its tag but it was rather resistent. it ran ahead of us into Mr Dealey’s field and was soon over the ridge rounding up all his sheep. We felt powerless and angry as the ewes were likely to be near to lambing. I learned later the farmer had caught the dog and was waiting for the owner to collect it.

We continued up to the B4100 and crossed into Upper Aynho Grounds where we saw a group of seven fallow deer. They ran towards the drive, saw us turned and charged off towards the woods. When we reached the woods the ground was very wet and treacherous underfoot. We crossed the empty grazing field at  Warren Farm and returned to the pavilion along the back lane to Cut Throat Corner and then along the Charlton Road. Total distance 4.8 miles. We enjoyed the walk and the coffee and cakes waiting at the pavilion when we got back.



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