Ultra-Fast Broadband – Help Make it Happen

The Government is committed to ensuring all communities have access to superfast broadband by the end of 2017. Northamptonshire County Council have decided they do not have sufficient funding to subsidise BT to provide this service to Aynho, BT are similarly not prepared to introduce ultra fast broadband themselves.

Ultra-Fast Broadband for Aynho? No, says BT!

However, Gigaclear, an independent local company, has stepped into the fray and offered to provide a technically faster and better solution improving the service that BT might have otherwise delivered.

Ultra-Fast Broadband for Aynho? Yes, says Gigaclear but YOU Need to Get Involved!

Gigaclear was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing Ultrafast Broadband to rural communities. It has already connected some 9 rural villages in Oxfordshire in the past 3 years and has now announced plans to expand elsewhere – including Northamptonshire.

Why is this so significant for Aynho? Gigaclear’s offer is to install Fibre to the Property (FTTP) solution – usually only available in the largest and most densely populated conurbations delivering the fastest broadband currently available. For Aynho this means internet speeds of up to 1,000Mbps – for both downloading and uploading. As context, the current BT internet connection is 2-5Mbps download & 0.3Mbps upload! Meaning a potentially improved service of two hundred and three thousand times better service, respectively.

But this opportunity, understandably, doesn’t come without caveats; enough households need to register their interest to make it a commercially viable decision for Gigaclear. In the first instance at least 30% of Aynho’s households need to register an interest, which isn’t a commitment to buy instead saying you’re interested to know more.

30% of Aynho’s households need to register an interest quickly!

To get involved go to Gigaclear’s web site and register your interest – click here to open the registration page. And look out for dates of Gigaclear’s visit to Aynho and other updates as we move towards Ultra-Fast Broadband!

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