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Conservation areas – what does it mean for me?

Aynho Conservation Area

What does it mean?

Is your home in the Conservation Area?

South Northants have recently reviewed the Aynho Conservation area.

After initial public consultation South Northamptonshire Council has now reviewed and revised the proposed boundary for Aynho Conservation Area.

There are no major changes from the original and current conservation area boundary. The only proposed change is minor plot rationalisation at College Fields. The properties at The Glebe and College Fields will be reinstated after their initial proposed removal.

How Being in a Conservation Area Can Affect You

Although conservation areas mean some extra planning controls and considerations, these exist to protect the historic and architectural elements which make the place special. They are most likely to affect owners who want to work on the outside of their building or any trees on their property.

Your House 

Being in a conservation area whether your house also has a Grade I, II or II* listing might mean that your house is affected by special controls which restrict work you can normally do without planning permission such as building an extension, replacing a door or window or altering gutters and downpipes.

These controls are put in place by SNC to protect particular elements of local buildings


If you want to cut down, top or lop any but the smallest of trees in a conservation area you must notify SouthNorthants planning authority six weeks before work begins. The authority will then consider the contribution the tree makes to the character of the area and if necessary create a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to protect it.


If you live in a conservation area and want to demolish all or part of your building, you will need Planning Permission. If the building is listed you will also need Listed Building Consent.

Who Do I Ask About Changes?

SNC will tell you what you can do to your home if you live in a conservation area. They will be able to say whether special controls are in place and explain what you may and may not need permission for.

There is a Conservation Area Appraisals for the Aynho conservation area. It outlines the history of the area and explains what makes it special. It also provides some general guidelines on managing and carrying out development in the conservation area.

What is an Article 4(2) direction?

An Article 4(2) direction restricts development of properties without applying for the appropriate permission.

Houses in the Village covered by an article 4(2) direction are shown in purple on the map.

For complete and up to date information refer to advice from South Northants Planning department but in essence permission may be required for a house with an Article 4(2) directive for work such as any extensions, changes to the roof or chimneys and painting the exterior, changing boundaries, adding a porch or satellite dish.

You can contact SouthNorthants Planning department on 01327 322237

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