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Aynho Streetlights. Installation Begins!

Residents will have noticed that the installation of the replacement streetlights has started.  Full details were included in the September newsletter so I will not repeat them here other than to say that all the lights in the village are being replaced with modern energy efficient heritage style lights. Where possible existing columns will be retained and painted black and where lights are mounted on disused electricity posts – these are being replaced with new columns and lights.  The current state of the project is as follows:

  • 15 Columns which are being reused have been converted and are live now
  • 9 New replacement columns have been installed and connected by the local power company and now operational. 
  • 1 Column (Village Hall awaits conversion)
  • 9 Lights to be fitted to houses and electricity poles will be installed later this month.  Some will be live immediately on the day of conversion and some will require connection by the local power company.

It is expected all the lights will be operational by early December. Please note that the columns are all due to be painted black  – but this work will not be undertaken until Spring 2020 when the weather improves.

The new lights will be ‘top down’, thus reducing light pollution and will dim to 70% power from 2230, then 40% power from 0030midnight until 5am and will be a ‘warm’ light colour at 2700K.The expected electricity bill will now be £450 – a saving of 83% per year in our case.  The annual maintenance costs will also reduce significantly.

If you have any questions please clerk@aynho.org or send them in writing to The Clerk, Scholars Corner, 3 School End, Aynho OX17 3BS.


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