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Published on April 19th, 2018 | by Keith McClellan


Writers’ Group: NO CONTEST by May Leng Chong

We had our village fete last week
It was so fine to see
The tents up on the village green
For stalls, games, cakes, and tea.

They had a pet show at the fete
For pets of every kind
Furred or feathered, finned or scaled,
For each a place we’ll find.

A certificate and a rosette
For the pet judged best in show
With a pet food voucher – thirty pounds
To add a happy glow.

Which animal will win the prize
We’d dearly love to know
Of all the pets we’ve brought today
Who’s really best in show?

That Persian cat with coat so soft
The chihuahua, cute little thing!
That bearded collie, handsome and jolly,
The canary that sings and sings.

Maybe the parrot who talks to you
Sam’s rats who can walk on a ball
Harry’s corn snakes, exotic and rare
Who’s the best of them all?

I’ll tell you a secret – I know which I’d choose
My answer’s as clear as the day
Though others might puzzle, or argue, or laugh
I’m certain-sure what I would say.

That dog looks laughable – almost unphotographable
With brains he’s not really blessed
A scruffy mix, with no clever tricks,
But a cut above all the rest.

You see that’s my dog; that one standing there
Unremarkable though he appear
And I know he loves me with all his heart
And that is why he is so dear.

For his love for me and my love for him
Stays the same through wind and weather
And my love for him and his love for me
Makes him mine and draws us together.

May is a member of Aynho Writers

About the Author

Keith loads contributions from the Writers Group and writes the blog with photo for the long Health Walks.

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