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Photographic Society: September 2017 Report

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David Boag made a welcome return on the 6th September to give a talk titled Photographing Nature More Creatively.  David has been a wildlife photographer for over 30 years, and been published in many photographic journals, also over 20 book titles on this subject.

His unique ebullient and enthusiastic style of presentation captivated the audience’s attention from the start. He demonstrated that the use and understanding of light and shade was important. David emphasised that creativity was the key to a successful picture, one that could stand out from the thousands of other photographs. Using superb photographs of animals and birds his repeated encouragement was to think creatively and use the photographer’s intuition to produce a picture with impact. David stressed that  use of telephoto lenses is not the only way to create impact. The judicious use of space around the subject can also enhance visual effect, and framing the animal in the picture imaginatively could also  produce impact. Understanding the subject you are photographing is important. Examples were shown of being able to predict what the animal or bird will do next. This is often the difference between a brilliant and a mediocre picture.

The subject then moved from wildlife onto to the creativity required to present successful landscape photography. The potential possibilities of both wide-angle and telephoto lenses was then demonstrated by examples of imaginative landscape photographs. The importance of foreground detail, middle distance detail and the far distance was demonstrated in his landscapes.  This was stressed by pictures with, and without the foreground interest to emphasise the point. The photographer’s skill in capturing the variations in weather, producing atmospheric mood was beautifully illustrated. Emphasis was put on not being discouraged by poor weather conditions. “Make use of these conditions to your advantage and emphasise the impact of the landscape before you”. Environment creates atmosphere was the message.

David then went into the use of autofocus and the importance of knowing when and how to use the tripod. Although modern high ISO settings may discourage many from using tripods, the use of one is still beneficial. Commenting on so called “rules of photography”, stress was placed not necessarily ignoring them, but to use that inner feeling, which many of us have, of what is good or bad in the picture. The instinctive ability to pick the right moment, regardless of what rules theorists may lay down is often key to producing  pleasing pictures.

As the chairman thanked him for the presentation, and expressed the hope that it would not be long before David returned, a hearty applause from the group showed their appreciation.

Paul Brewerton.

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