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Photographic Society: November 2017 Report

At our meeting on 1st November the club was  pleased to welcome back Robert Harvey who gave us an excellent presentation titled “Winter Photography”.  He started by explaining why he considered winter to be the best season for serious landscape photography. The quality of light in winter is friendlier than the glare of high summer. In midwinter the angle of the sun is only 14o  above the horizon and the direction of the sun creates side lighting effects most  photographers hope and wish for.  As the sunlight passes through  winters atmospheric conditions the “golden hours” of early morning and late evening will last longer than in summer, giving us more photo opportunities than any other time of year. ( And no small consideration is that we don’t have to be out of bed at 4 am  as we have to in summer !).

Robert then continued with more superb illustrations of  how the low angle of the winter sun emphasised the contours of mountains and hillsides with the subtle modelling effect of the light direction, using pictures of The Lake District and North Wales. The low angle of light direction  also enhanced the photographs of wildlife, particularly birds in flight,  removing the dark shadows beneath their wings which the high summer lighting produces. Some beautifully crisp shots of Dartmoor showed the pictorial opportunities of winter frost on rock outcrops and foliage. Photographs taken in fresh snow then illustrated the sharp sparkling effects low angle winter light produces. These brilliant snow pictures ranged from Yellowstone in the deep grip of winter, to the Norwegian fjords and North Cape.  The obvious benefit of long clear dark nights was demonstrated with beautiful star shots and star trails. Particularly effective were the starlight pictures using Stonehenge as foreground. Robert rounded off his presentation answering questions from the audience. This hugely enjoyable presentation ended with loud applause.

Our next meeting on the 6th December will be titled “Intensity in Ten Cities” by John Credland,  and will be in the  Christopher Rawlings  School, Aynho Road  Adderbury. All are welcome to attend.

Paul Brewerton.

Adderbury Deddington and District Photographic Society.


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